Oreon Strusinski is a self-taught photographer who focuses on the beauty of our natural world. A deep respect for nature and a passion for adventure fuel his desire to capture the world through the lens; hoping to share its beauty and magnificence with others. His unique perspective stems from a vibrant childhood in Bali, Indonesia. The island lifestyle and Balinese culture greatly influenced him, building core values that have stayed strong into his adult life. Oreon moved to Los Angeles for high school at the age of fifteen. The sharp contrast of a tropical island to a thriving metropolis helped his perspective mature. He attended the University of California, Santa Cruz and studied there for 2 years. The large school didn’t provide him with the tools and skills he was looking for so he chose to leave school and enter the working world.

Oreon is in the process of creating a digital archive with his father of a world-class collection of Kris and Kris handles which are sacred daggers from the Indonesian archipelago.

Presently, Oreon is focused on capturing the intimate details of the ocean. Armed with a water housing, he swims in the ocean with his camera and shoots the dynamic and ever changing sea and its relationship with light. He hopes to spread appreciation by showcasing its beauty so that conservation of this delicate and important ecosystem can be encouraged. Oreon currently lives in Topanga Canyon and has been working as a photographer for the past 7 years.


Dual Hemisphere Media

A collaboration of creative efforts by Oreon Strusinski & Ronald Weaver II. Aerial footage, time lapses, and more from around the globe.